Robert Ealey and His 5 Careless Lovers,
Live at the New Bluebird Nightclub, 1973, Blue Royal

Robert Ealey With The Juke Jumpers, Bluebird Open, 1981, Amazing Records

LOST TAPES 1991 – Produced by Mike Kubiak. Now available in MP3 format at

Hot Rhythm and Cool Blues Texas Style, 1992, Topcat Records (1 track)

Texas Bluesmen, 1993, Topcat Records (6 tracks)

Robert Ealey, If You Need Me, 1994, Topcat Records

Robert Ealey, You Don’t Get This Every Day, 1995, Stark Records (I believe this has been re-issued on Taxim)

Robert Ealey, Turn Out the Lights, 1996 Blacktop Records (reissue of Topcat’s If You Need Me minus 1 track)

Robert Ealey, I Like Music When I Party, 1997, Blacktop Records

Christmastime In Cowtown Vol. 2, 2000, Felix Records, (1 track)

Janna Britton & Abbeville, Dipped In Chocolate, 2000, House Of Paine Productions (1 track)

Robert Ealey, Electric Ealey, 2000, self released

I believe there was also a self-released live album in the late 90’s but I do not have one or any information on it.  Additions and corrections appreciated.